Car Fleet Management


One of the major challenges for a growing business is proper car and vehicle fleet management.

Whether you need a professional mechanic to look at a single vehicle or regular maintenance of your entire car fleet - Stratfield Motors is the best specialist you can employ. Call Stratfield Motors now or make a car service appointment in Strathalbyn online!

Car purchase and regular maintenance is a great responsibility in your business and also personal life, so it must be treated with the attention it deserves. Stratfield Motors fleet management specialists work closely with your business in developing the overall vehicle management strategy. Many years of automotive industry experience ensures we will develop great relationship with you and maintain your car fleet to the best standards. Stratfield Motors fleet management specialists in Strathalbyn concentrate on three primary objectives:
• reducing overall vehicle fleet maintenance costs
• increasing operational efficiency
• improving driver safety

Each business has their own priorities and different needs for their car fleets, and we will work closely with your management team to determine the most efficient fleet management strategy that is tailored exactly for your business. Stratfield Motors fleet management specialists will perform a throrough fleet analysis, assessing your current cars and diver policies to draw a clear picture of the current operation of your business vehicle fleet. By providing necessary process improvements, our fleet specialists offer you detailed recommendations on how to optimise the entire fleet management process and work with your team in prioritising and then implementing these opportunities - while allowing you to concentrate on more crucial aspects of running your organisation!


Strathalbyn Fleet Servicing

Stratfield Motors provides independent management of tyour entire car fleet. Fleet management and maintenance are not your core business functions – they're ours.
Stratfield Motors cover all areas of fleet maintenance including regular servicing, repairs, mid-contract inspections and end of lease preparation. Whatever the size of your fleet, Stratfield Motors offers a servicing package to suit your requirements. Call us now to discuss details or make a fleet service appointment online!


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