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Strathfield Motors (AU46155) are licenced to perform Car Air Conditioner Service & Repairs in Strathalbyn 

Your car air conditioning system over time will become less efficient due to potential hazards like worn out seals, small leaks inside the system and simply regular everyday use that depletes the coolant fluid.

Inspect your car air con system at Strathfield Motors in Strathalbyn to keep your air fresh and your cair con running at peak efficiency! Make a car service appointment online or call us now!


car air conditoning service in Strathalbyn by Repco Authorised Car Service SA 5255


Strathalbyn Car Air Con Service

As anything mechanical in your car, the air conditioning system needs regular servicing on all its parts. The compressor needs oil, or it will seize up, the filter gets clogged with dirt, bacteria and moisture, a malfunctioning air-con will affect your cars performance.

The air conditioning system in your car must be serviced by a licensed technician regularly to accurately handle the gas, test for leaks, refill the coolant and re-pressurize the system. When you book you car in for air conditioning service at Strathfield Motors, you can organise the following services from our mechanics:
• inspect the operation of your cars air conditioning system
• check for damage to air con hoses, seals or components
• repair most rubber hoses and assemble new hoses
• check operation of electric fan
• check drive belts tension and condition
• recharge air con unit with correct refrigerant
• test the pressure and weight of gas in your air con

It's too easy to forget about servicing the car air conditioning system until it’s too late - like when you’re sitting in traffic on a boiling hot day! No-one should wait when it comes to the car’s cooling and heating system. To get your car air con inspected, call Strathfield Motors now!


air conditioning service in Strathalbyn SA 5255

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